Technology & Intellectual Property

TEC Law Group offers a wide range of services in technology and intellectual property law that meet the needs of our clients.

Patent: Our firm is poised to represent clients throughout the patent process by filing applications for patents and working with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) to facilitate patent acquisition.

    • Patent Prosecution: Our technology law attorneys have science and engineering backgrounds and many have years of experience in the engineering/science technology industries. Our professionals also have litigation experiences that enable them to provide the highest caliber of services and to prosecute patent applications with a focus on enforcement.
    • Patent Interference Proceedings:  In a patent interference proceeding, the objective is to determine which patent applicant out of several is entitled to the patent. The TEC technology law practice can represent all technology disciplines with varying levels of difficulty.
    • Patent Litigation: The TEC technology team is focused on achieving the best possible outcomes for our clients. The monetary stakes can be substantial and our litigators pair a thorough understanding of your business and industry with the knowledge and creativity they have built through their litigation experiences.  TEC litigators are equipped and well-qualified to litigate through trial and appeal and have developed impressive track records for the success of clients.

Trademark: Because trademark and the goodwill associated with it can be the most important assets of a company, trademark infringement and dilution can severely damage a company. TEC Law attorneys work with clients from the very beginning of a trademark to ensure optimum capitalization of this intellectual property. TEC Law Group counsels clients of all sizes on

    • Trademark selection and search
    • Trademark registration
    • Trademark licensing
    • Trademark litigation

Copyright: In this fast-paced Internet landscape where digital content is abundant, the need for copyright protection has never been greater. In addition to providing opinions on copyrightability, TEC Law Group counsels clients in a variety of industry on matters such as

    • Copyright search
    • Copyright registration
    • Copyright licensing
    • Copyright litigation

Trade Secrets: Where patent protection is unavailable or undesirable, companies may seek trade secret laws to protect their confidential formulas, methods, and techniques. TEC Law attorneys ensure clients’ trade secrets are protected from both insiders and outsiders alike. For clients, TEC Law attorneys

    • Determine what counts as trade secrets
    • Develop business practices to protect trade secrets
    • Negotiate and draft licensing agreements
    • Obtain injunctions in litigation and negotiate settlements